Alternative Capital Summit 2

Alternative Capital Summit 2

Join us in Kansas City, Missouri on January 29 - 30, 2020 for the Alternative Capital Summit 2. It’s an event for investors developing innovative investment models.

As you know, 83% of businesses don’t access conventional debt or venture capital. We are faced with a critical question: How can we grow new forms of capital that reach more entrepreneurs? Our mission: support the success of pioneering investors who are implementing new models of startup and growth funding. Those new models include revenue-based investing, demand dividends, income-sharing, and others.

ACS2 brings together leading innovators in the world of venture investing from all over the country to pursue solutions, learn together, form connections, and grow funds successfully.

At the summit you will:

  • • Meet fund managers using alternative investment models.
  • • Learn about what’s working and not working across the country.
  • • Connect with limited partners investing in alternative models.
  • • Gain new insights about how to create successful funds.

Stay sharp for collaboration by studying up on the current industry vocabulary. Click here for more information.

Keith Harrington
ACS2 Steering Committee Chair
Cofounder & Managing Director
Novel Growth Partners

Steering Committee
Astrid Scholz, Zebras Unite
Bryce Butler, Access Ventures
Denise Dunlap, Sage Growth Capital
Logan Jackson, Anzu Partners
Jamie Finney, Greater Colorado Venture Fund
Jewel Burks Solomon, Collab Capital
Melissa Bradley, 1863 Ventures
Philip Gaskin, Kauffman Foundation
Rob Tashima, Village Capital
Ross Baird, Blueprint Local
Victor Hwang, Kauffman Foundation
Whitney Haring-Smith, Anzu Partners