Alternative Capital Summit 2



3:30 PM

OPTIONAL SESSION: Growth mindset and Entrepreneurial Success
Location: InterContinental at the Plaza, Pavilion 1
RSVP REQUIRED THROUGH ACS2 REGISTRATION LINK - If you would like to attend, please register before December 18, 2019.

The Kauffman Foundation is working on an initiative to measure entrepreneurs' growth mindset beliefs, organizational mindset, and grit, working with Dr. Mary Murphy. Based on previous research by Dr. Murphy and Dr. Carol Dweck, Dr. Murphy is developing a tool that will assess these characteristics among entrepreneurs. We are in the midst of testing some novel hypotheses about the effects of grit and growth mindset on various measures of success.

We'd like to offer a workshop to help fund managers and investors understand the latest research that links mindset and entrepreneurial success. Dr. Murphy will be offering a workshop for attendees who want to learn about research done to date and the Foundation is currently undertaking.

This workshop would be especially useful for those would be interested in learning about how to apply lessons from this research in entrepreneur selection and mentoring.

6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Welcome Reception
Location: Amigoni Winery
* Transportation provided from the InterContinental hotel to Amigoni Winery.


Location: Kauffman Foundation Conference Center 4801 Rockhill Rd, Kansas City, MO 64110
* Transportation provided from the InterContinental hotel to the Conference Center.

8:00 AM


9:00 AM

Overview & State of the Field
Followed by rotating discussions around different models of investing.
Keith Harrington, Novel
Tyler Tringas, Earnest
Whitney Haring-Smith, Anzu Partners
Jewel Burks Solomon, Collab Capital
Denise Dunlap, Sage Growth Capital
Alejandra Revueltas, Adobe Capital

LP Track

9:35 AM

Overview: Investing in Alternative Funds
To provide an overview of the state of alternative funding, we’ll discuss lessons learned from the development of Kauffman’s Capital Access Lab over the past year and insights from interacting with 100+ alternative capital funds.

9:55 AM

Supporting Catalytic Capital
How do you use philanthropic capital to support new and innovative models? How do you educate and align your board, general counsel, and other colleagues? How can these alternative models support under-capitalized geographies and cities, as well as populations?
Moderated by Agnes Dasewicz, Capital Access Lab
Marla Blow, Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth
Bryce Butler, Access Ventures
Adam Connaker, Rockefeller Foundation
John Tyler, Kauffman Foundation (TBC)

10:55 AM

Mobilizing Capital at Scale
What is necessary to translate alternative capital funds from the margin to the mainstream? How do we transition from Program-Related Investments (PRI) to Mission-Related Investments (MRI or "the other 95%")? How do asset allocators view this emerging space?
Moderated by Brendan Cosgrove, Capital Access Lab
Lisa Murray, Kauffman Foundation
Madeline Clark, Cambridge Associates
John Balbach, McArthur Foundation
Tim Freundlich, Impact Assets

GP Track

9:30 AM

Exploration of Unique Models of Alternative Capital
World Cafe style discussions with leaders of five different unique alternative capital funds.
Keith Harrington, Novel
Tyler Tringas, Earnest
Whitney Haring-Smith, Anzu Partners
Jewel Burks Solomon, Collab Capital
Denise Dunlap, Sage Growth Capital
Alejandra Revueltas, Adobe Capital

10:45 AM

The Good, Bad & Ugly on Raising and Running Alternative Fund Models
Jamie Finney, GCVF
Melissa Withers, ReVup
Mark Rockefeller, Street Shares
John Hamilton, Vested for Growth
Art Stevens, 1863 Ventures

Afternoon Sessions

12:00 PM


1:00 PM

Investing to Reach More Entrepreneurs: Race, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion in Alternative Investments
Astrid Scholz, Zebras Unite
McKeever Conwell, II , TEDCO
Kim Folsom, Founders First Capital Partners
Jewel Burks Solomon, Collab Capital
Carlos Antequera, Novel Growth Partners

2:00 PM

How do Early Institutional LPs View an Emerging Asset Class

3:00 PM

Have the opportunity to choose from a variety of discussions to participate in or propose your own.

4:00 PM

The Way Forward: Charting a Course for the Sector
Moderated by Keith Harrington